Write Right

Pravatami.bg is an online based project that allows readers to contribute to our cause. With your help we can easily achieve our aim of “translating” the law into plain and human language. In that way, pravatami.bg would enrich its variety of articles (called by us as Rights) with better content and quality. Together we can become the foundation of building a better legal culture of our society.

Have these 10 simple rules in mind when writing a Right:

1. Base your arguments mainly on the legislation.

2. Write useful and practical articles for the general public, avoiding terminology and unnecessary details. The length of the articles must not exceed 3 pages.

3. When a certain problem cannot be comprehended without the help of a legal expert, do not go into details. We are just framing the problem.

4. Avoid the academic style of writing. Our articles are not meant to be textbooks.

5. Give examples.

6. When it is necessary to mention a legal term , explain its meaning.

7. Think outside the box, go beyond the legal textbooks and give practical pieces of advice that cannot be extracted easily from the legislation.

8. Write in a simple way without long and cluttered sentences.

9. Use the “I” form and format your text using bullet points and numbers;

10. Mention your sources.

We are looking forward to your articles!

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