What actually is pravatami.bg?

“www.pravatami.bg: the decoded law” is the pilot project of the non-governmental organization Department for Legal Culture. The main aim is to provide useful and practical legal information for its readers in an understandable way. We believe it will considerably contribute to greater legal culture in our society, which in turn will lead to its democratic development. The “Rights” are short articles that may be helpful before the occurrence of a problem as well as during its final stages of its solving.

What pravatami.bg is NOT?

The articles on the website do not claim to be comprehensive and exhaustive by covering all the possible cases in life. We do not benefit from it and there are no commercial banners on the website. All we want is to deliver valuable information about your rights and the corresponding reciprocal obligations.

Who are the authors?

The articles also named by us as “The Rights” are written by law students some of whom graduated. Before publishing, they are approved by the legal experts of Department for Legal Culture. We are open to those willing to join the team and become an author among us.

How the project is funded?

“www.pravatami.bg: the decoded law” is funded by Department for legal culture. Pravatami.bg is accomplishing one of the main goals of the organization by improving the legal culture of the Bulgarian citizens and assisting the foreigners residing in Bulgaria by providing the legal tools for effectively defending of civil and human rights.

How to use the articles and the provided information?

Sharing the articles via social networks and email is advisable. Using the materials in any other way is permitted only after the approval of the authors on pravatami.bg.

(*) If you have any other question please contact us (*)