I bought a car. Now what?

Quite often while choosing the right car model we forget to think about what follows after the very purchase. And we’re talking about a few things here, very often – essential ones.

Civil liability

    • If I decide to buy an unregistered car (newly imported into the country), I will have to get a compulsory civil (third party) liability insurance. I will need it for the following registration of the vehicle in the Traffic Police. To complete the liability insurance I need to present the sales contract. Once I register the vehicle I have to go back to the insurer and present the registration certificate.

  • If I decide to buy a registered car the seller is obliged to provide me with all the documents for the current insurance (the insurance certificate, control card, green card). Together with the seller I must notify the insurance company within 7 days about the car sale. This is done with a written request for rights transfer of the current insurance. If I wish I am free to cancel the existing insurance contract and sign a new one with another company.

NB! If the seller refuses to cooperate, I can turn to the insurer directly with a written unilateral request.


If I decide to buy a newly imported car I must pay an eco-tax or the so called product fee. It is paid once when putting the car in motion in the country for the first time and the amount varies depending on the car. Usually in the Traffic police there is a price list but if such is missing I can check the Appendix №2 to article 1, paragraph 5, point 2 of the “Ordinance determining the terms and conditions for payment of a product fee”. The criteria is the “age” of the car.


If I buy a newly imported vehicle I should purchase the necessary vignette to be able to drive along the national roads. The price of the vignette varies depending on the vehicle category and its term of validity.


Within 2 months after purchase I have to pay a tax for the vehicle on condition that it was not already paid by the seller until the end of the current year.

Declaring the vehicle before the municipality

Within 2 months after the car purchase I am obliged to declare my vehicle before the respective municipality according to my permanent address. Upon submission of my declaration I should also present a document for the paid tax.

Registration in Traffic Police

    • If I’m buying a registered vehicle, within 2 weeks after purchase I am obliged to provide the Traffic police at my current address with a copy of the contract with the details of the seller.

  • In case I’m buying a newly imported vehicle, within 2 weeks after its purchase I’m obliged to register it at the Traffic Police. During the registration I must present my civil liability insurance contract. Usually the eco-fee is due at that time.

(*) The current article aims to outline some of Your basic rights, with no claims to be a legal advisor. If you are facing some difficulties or if your case is more complex we strongly encourage you to consult a legal expert. (*)

Author: Lilyana Popova

Translator: Tatyana Popova