Establishing in Bulgaria being an EU citizen

Establishing in Bulgaria being an EU citizenSo I’ve decided to come and live in Bulgaria. What are the steps that I must make in order to establish my life here and start to work in Bulgaria. Are there any preferences for me being an EU citizen?

What are the rules concerning me when entering the territory?

If I’m a EU citizen / Swiss citizen / citizen of a member-state of the European Economic Area, I have the right to enter the territory of Republic of Bulgaria only with my ID. No visa is required.  The members of my family, however, who are not EU citizens, can enter the country only with a valid passport or visa. These documents aren’t required if they are accompanying me and have a residence EU card.

Residence in Bulgaria

As an EU citizen I can reside in Bulgaria up to 3 months without any inscription.

In order to establish my life here, I’ll need an identification number as a  for foreigner. I can acquire it from the National Revenue Agency simply by filing an application.

If I want to prolong my stay, I have to address the local direction of Ministry of interior. There I can receive a certificate for continuous residence up to 5 years but I must answer at least one of these criteria:

  • I work or study in Bulgaria;

  • I’m provided with health insurance and the necessary finances;

  • I’m registered at the National Employment Agency;

In order to receive this certificate, I’ll need these documents for the application:

  • A valid ID;

  • Documents proving the criteria I answer /a labor contract or university inscription document for example/;

  • Document for paid government tax;

  • Document certificating that I’m member of an EU citizen’s family /this concerns the family members who’re not EU citizens/;

The certificate itself is given at the same day as its application. It contains my names and a valid date. If the certificate is refused to me, I can appeal before Administrative court in accordance to the procedure code

If I live in Bulgaria for a period longer than 5 years and don’t leave the country for more than 6 months, I can acquire a certificate for permanent residence. I can also obtain this document, if I answer to one of these criteria:

  • I’ve lived in Bulgaria for more than 3 years and I’ve reached the retirement age;

  • I’ve lived in Bulgaria for more than 2 years and I’ve lost my working capacity;

The application for permanent residency is made before the local direction of the Ministry of Interior 3 days until the end of the term of the certificate for continuous residence. The new certificate contains my name and a valid date. If I’m refused to receive this document, I can appeal according to the Administrative Procedure Code.

Later on, I could apply for Bulgarian citizenship.


Denitsa Kozhuharova

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§ Entering, residence and exciting of Republic of Bulgaria by the citizens of European Union citizens and members of their families act